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    Who We Are

    Starts With Soap is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that works to promote equitable education to our nation’s most underfunded schools by providing soap and other necessary materials that they are otherwise unable to afford.

    Our mission is to promote equitable education in our nation’s most underfunded schools providing basic necessities through innovative service projects.


    Steps to Start with Soap.

    Grassroots Relationships

    Chapters partner with local underfunded schools to continuously provide the necessities they lack.

    Support Infrastructure

    A strong regional support network allows chapters to make the most of their resources and share ideas.

    National Initiatives

    National Initiatives allow SWS to effect broad and long-lasting change at a large scale.


            We recognize that change starts at the grassroots level, and we’ve organized our charity with this in mind.

            High schools around the nation have Starts With Soap chapters that partner with an underfunded school to act as a supplier for soap, as well as other unmet necessities.

            The activities of these high school and college chapters are coordinated and overseen by a team of regional executives and regional managers.

            The activities of regional executives and managers by our national leadership. Our national leadership team also manages fundraising, marketing, and outreach operations on a national level.


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    Our Lipscomb University Chapter builds a garden for Whittsett Elementary School.
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    Our Lipscomb University Chapter builds a garden for Whittsett Elementary School.
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    Our University of Michigan chapter received an award for outstanding community service


    What We've Accomplished.

            Across the country, we have founded 17 chapters.

            We have over 170 members nationwide.

            Starts with Soap raised $19,224.34 nationally, including $7941.85 by our chapters.

            14 large-scale services projects undertaken and countless smaller scale awareness campaigns conducted.


    SWS Chapters

    How to Get Involved

    Allegheny College: Jorge Olan- olanj@allegheny.edu

    Bartow High School: Mandi Chen- mandichen44@gmail.com

    Boyertown Area High School: Rachana Tith- rachana.tith@live.comm

    Georgia Tech Manzhen Chen- manzhen.chen@gmail.com

    Iowa State University: Rachel Hazzard- rhazzard@iastate.edu

    Johns Hopkins University: Kamil Taneja- ktaneja1@jhu.edu

    Lipscomb University: Caleb Reagor- ccreagor@gmail.com

    Seneca Valley High School: Rishin Sharma- rishin.sharma07@gmail.com

    University of Iowa: Kevin Leahy- ktl60439@sbcglobal.net

    University of Michigan: Rachel Kaufman-Levine- rbkaufma@umich.edu

    Vanderbilt: Raymar Turangan- rturangan@yahoo.com


    The places we've impacted.

    National Week of Giving



    West Virginia

    Deland Florida

    Our Team

    The ones who made this all possible.

    Siona Sharma


    Suburban adventurer with a knack for middle school slang. Driver of change for empowered youth. ssharma

    Eamon Bracht


    6’ 6” and aggressively informal with a long-standing opposition to salad and a love for orange juice. Believer in the capacity of youth to inspire change. ebracht

    George Pandya

    Chief Operating Officer

    Though I have many passions - history, invention, aerospace, sports, education, and philanthropy - my biggest passion is to support equitable education through Starts With Soap. gpandya

    Wyatt Pontius

    Chief Financial Officer

    Aspiring scientist, entrepreneur, and difference maker with a focus on making life better for everyone around the world. wpontius

    Joy Hsu

    Chief Information Officer

    Coder with interest in statistics, data-mining, and artificial intelligence. Cat lover. Coffee addict. Crichton aficionado. joyhsu

    Regional Executives

    Rose Wong

    National Program Director

    Political junkie, annoying foodie, and a history geek who gets emotional at every monument in DC. I also love kids and peanut butter. rwong

    Kevin Leahy

    Director of Strategic Development

    Underwater robot fanatic taking occasional breaks to pursue passions in renewable energy and bowling. Just your average guy trying to live the dream. ktl

    Vikas Maturi


    Enthusiast for all things design: products, services, art, and storytelling. Jellyfish fanatic. Mildly addicted to strawberries, political news sites, and Donna of Parks and Rec. vmaturi

    Caroline Leadmon


    Ice dancer, Mountaineer, volunteer Elsa, and Diet Coke enthusiast. Passions include food security, helping kids, and singing in my car. cleadmon

    Shrey Agarwal


    Avid interest in robotics, deep philosophical questions, basketball and most importantly, Arnold Palmer. Champion of global equitable education. sagarwal

    Kevin Stephen


    Budding photographer of all things water and lover of long bike rides, Southern barbecue, and global educational opportunities. kstephen

    Rose Reiken


    Future teacher/policymaker/Netflix addict. Strives to be a combination of Tina Fey, Bill Gates, and Elizabeth Warren in one person. rosereiken

    Coca Cola Scholars 2016.


    The backbone of our organization.



    Morgridge Family Foundation


    United Launch Alliance


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